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family, relationship, depression, and couples counseling
family, relationship, depression, and couples counseling
depression online psychologist

                                    career stress and burnout;

 identity crisis; 


fear of failure; 

sense of helplessness; 

difficulty to plan or to commit; 

anger at home, work or road;

 coping in life transitions; 

managerial stress management

overcoming bad habits

Online Life Coach RELATIONSHIP ADVICE for Personal Growth issues:
The coach's online counseling Relationship Advice process offers, in many cases, an alternative to traditional psychotherapy. This method is flexible enough to address many topics, such as: 
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Dr. Joseph Abraham - A Case Summary:

My Online Life Coach approach regarding alcohol, gambling, other addictions and situational depression
I became R.’s Online Life Coach as a result of an e-mail question regarding a sister’s concerns about her brother’s (33) drinking, poor social skills and other 'habits', like irrational money spending, losing things and neglect of paying bills. She complained that his drinking had developed into dependency, helplessness and neglect regarding his responsibilities. He actually left everything for his family to "worry about”. When they mentioned this to him, he became frustrated, blew up and got violent. He was recently admitted to a treatment facility due to a DUI... 

Drinking, gambling or any other addiction and even situational Depression, I explained, are subject to many explanations, endless excuses, complex theories and a long list of treatment approaches. My view is that addictionand situational Depression relate to RELATIONSHIP: either to your “Self”, due to low self-esteem, or to your significant other(s), when you feel inadequate due to Social Anxiety and fear of failure. This is the underlying cause, according to my view, that elicits the need and attachment to a ‘substitute friend’ and a mood changing substance. In R.'s case, it was alcohol.

Relationships with your “Self” and with your “Significant Others” are at times complex and therefore need a good Relationship Advice Expert in order to be solved. I advised to start Career Counseling as the first process. Luckily enough, R. accepted my advice; he soon passed the interview process for a new job and was accepted. He then called me and said he was ready to re-examine his Stress Management skills as well as his communication patterns. My next advice was to to exercise and apply decision-making processes (about money, household chores, family obligations and so on). Thereafter I advised him about his dating and intimacy style as he was planning to move-in with his girlfriend. After four months he called again, declaring he is ready for the next step. I advised him to start a professional Behavioral Modification plan that will treat his alcohol consumption (his sister and girlfriend were the social rewarding agents).
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