Life Coach Relationship Advice Process May Prevent Complex and Costly Marriage Counseling 


It is a proven fact: Relationship Advice may prevent Marriage Counseling!

Relationship advice is a very real preventative choice for a healthy union continuation. And here is why:

It has been my observation that in many cases partners with conflict have had deep difficulty to trust each other. Intimacy therefore is a priority on my agenda; the relationship advice processes may provide a great deal of help here.

Sexual communication is complicated and difficult. In time, couples develop the tendency to overlook this issue. A good Relationship Advice process will use ‘mechanical building blocks’ in order to keep the romantic spirit alive.

My Relationship Advice process always includes some tactics to overcome objections and rejection of new modalities: mirroring and feedback regarding withdrawal from conflict, rules to avoid the tendency to escalate conflict during disagreements and rules to avoid sabotaging our progress by provocative acts and attitudes by either partner, in- between our sessions.

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Currently 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. Celebrations of twenty-five or more anniversaries are becoming rare.
Marriage Counseling and professional relationship advice could and would decrease this trend.