Marriage Counseling Brings Hope to Abused Wives


There is no ‘quick - fix’ Relationship Advice solution for an unhealthy abusive relationship. 

When R. contacted me about her personal situation it seemed that she was searching for just such a ‘quick-fix’ solution. 

R. was in a marriage that had almost completely come undone. “My husband says constant insults and does a lot of name calling. It has gotten physical at one point"... 

I encouraged that as the abuse had started to escalate, both partners need professional help, since the 'relationship issue' is complex and not simple to solve and fix. I further went on to address the areas of focus that the Marriage Counseling would begin with and expand upon. 

There were three major ‘learning and change’ missions for which I identified: 
 - The husband (his value system and perceptions, habits, culturally accepted behaviors and also his stress related reactions), 

 - R (tolerance level, the ability to be strong in order to say and act “No More”),

 - Both (common grounds and shared positive experiences).

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As an Online Marriage Counseling provider I regularly come across people who think that the solution to their marital problems is a click, call or just an email away. 
Well, there is no ‘cook-book’ Relationship Advice solution for an unhealthy abusive relationship. But Marriage Counseling prosess does have a chance!