Marriage Counseling Advice: Male Partners Must Do It Too


Helping people to adjust their behaviors and better their relationships is one of life’s greatest rewards. 
Through Online Marriage Counseling coaching I get to observe, first hand, these changes and watch relationships blossom and become more fruitful. 

This article summarizes the case with J. who recently contacted me about some problems that had developed in her relationship. “I am not his freaking maid! It’s not my job to clean up his mess all the time.” ... “He gets home from work, takes his boots and socks off and just leaves his dirty laundry right in the middle of the living room. Even when I did have a job he still never helped around the house. He comes home all the time complaining cause the house is dirty".

A Psychologist would offere a point of view: we could assume that this is his way to show dominance and control.

This is too far away speculation, however. So we gathered more information.

When the ground for a Marriage Counseling coaching work was established my professional approach triggered the husband to join and participate in a structured Online coaching process. 

It was not a quick-fix Relationship Advice; but yes, it was done within less than two months; 

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Through Online Marriage Counseling Coaching I get to observe, first hand, behavioral and relationship changes and watch how people blossom and become more fruitful. Seeing Relationship Advice or a long term Marriage Counseling coaching process resulting successfully for a couple is a very heart-warming and it amazes me that sometimes it is the smallest of changes the bring about the most fulfilling results.

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