Infidelity - Can Marriage Counseling Help? 


In most cases yes, but there are two ‘but’: 

First, the underlying causes and the unhealthy aspects of the relationship need to be addressed. 

Second, in the course of working through the Marriage Counseling process, the starting place usually is not with the marital relationship but the individual’s personal relationship with themselves.

The article is about a lady, K, and her 'life story'; being sympathetic and trying to make her realize what she already knew deep inside I answered her as kindly as the circumstances allowed. “No, I do not think that the mistrust issue between you and your husband is the real trouble here. The major issue is the disrespect that you have towards yourself. You do not see yourself as strong, independent and well deserving of a true relationship.”

The art and the science here was to accomplish a union's restructuring in a way that the Relationship Advice not only occured without harming the marital equilibrium but also strengthened it. 

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Can a Marriage Counseling process helps a couple get through and overcome such an upsetting event as infidelity?

In most cases yes, but there are two ‘but’...