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Does Marriage Counseling Improve Poor Relationship?

Do Poor Relationship Have a Chance to Improve? Poor relationship has 66% chance to be fixed!

What Do We Know (so far) about Human Behavior that Allows an Answer?

-_Human beings are biological creatures – but we are not rigidly programmed by it.
-  Every person is different, yet we are similar in our capacities to think, feel, remember and so on.
-  People can be understood fully only in the context of their cultural, ethnic identity and gender identity 
-  Behavior can be adoptive or maladaptive – and each direction could be changed.

The following traits were isolated, along with the estimated percentage of the inherited trait:
• Extroversion (mixed easily, likes to be the center of attention): 61%
• Conformity (respects tradition and authority; follows the rules): 60%
• Worry (easily distressed and frustrated; feels vulnerable): 55%
• Aggressiveness (tends to be violent; has a taste for revenge): 48%
• Intimacy (prefers emotional closeness): 33%

Once we put together all we know about human nature, the optimistic point of view must capture our horizons. The conclusion is both simple and impressive: we all are capable to adopt and change; relationship advice, therapy, online counseling and traditional modes of counseling do have a chance!

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Basic facts and research fidings regarding relationship advice, therapy, online counseling and traditional modes of marriage counseling show they all do have a chance! 
Once we take a special look at the ‘Intimacy Factor’, we may declare the following positive statement: poor relationship has 66% chance to be fixed.