Love and Money  - A Common Life Coach Theme  


Handling your family money is crucial for creating family harmony, relationship strength and marriage stability. 
It is not too extreme to declare that taking control of your family budget is in effect securing a constant flow of positive reinforcements into your love life. Both partners have to understand where their money is coming from; they both should determine where it goes.

Budgeting is as essential to married life as doing the laundry and cleaning the dishes         

The first step the couple want to initiate is the priority list; agree about the obligations you are willing to take as well designing a part of your future by targeting the options you both see available and attractive. 

Working on the numbers, charts, graphs and other accounting features will trigger cognitive abilities and activate negotiating skills.  A great deal of  Relationship Advice literature exists regarding eliminating contagious remarks / believes such as 'stay beautiful and silent', or ' your job is to bring the money and my job is to pay the bills'.

Creating a realistic budget is worthless unless you monitor your actual financial situation on a weekly / monthly basis and periodically re-assess and adjust your situation. Personality characteristics as stress threshold level, honesty, trustfulness and ability to reject temptations play a crucial role in this never ending 'budget maintenance' process. 

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