Sensation and Perception Processes Provide The Life Coach with Relationship Advice


Psychologists are unanimous in their view that the ease with which humans are subject to visual and auditory manipulations and biases suggests that the 'real world' is not necessarily as we perceive it. We see what we expect to see; we hear what we want to hear. 

Sensation is the process of receiving information from the outside world, translating it, and transmitting it to the brain.      
                                                                                                               Perception is the process of interpreting the coming information and forming images of the world. 

Relationship Advice  /  Marriage Counseling processes would benefit once the 'perception process' as related to relationships and long term marriages would be well understood . Identifying the core of a relationship style or an issue between the partners is the first step to either correct it or find the appropriate reinforcement to sustain it. 

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