Five Relationship Advice Tips From An Online Counseling Life Coach and Marriage Counselor

Go over this list and think about how they apply in your daily life. 

Don’t Break Your Boundaries
If you find yourself giving more time to people or things other than your relationship, then its time re-erect the boundaries around you and your spouse. 

Turn Off the Computer, Tablet or Smart Device 
This time could be spent with your family doing things that strengthen your relationship and make everyone happy.

Create Free Time
Try choosing activities that you can do with your partner that will bring your closer together while accomplishing your other goals.

Beware of the Drift
It happens when couples have very different roles and lifestyles such as when one partner has a high intensity career that takes up all of their time while the other focuses on children and maintaining extended family relationships.

Make Time for Amusement
Fun time together strengthens the bond and brings couples closer tighter. 

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