Basic Principles of Learning, as the Source for Relationship Advice and Marriage Counseling Processes


This 'Psych 101' is based on my teaching and practice experience:

The processes of 1. Classical Learning, 2. Conditioning are not only 'text book' topics.

The Classical Learning in Relationships involves:
Unconditioned stimulus - which is a 'natural' stimulus that elicits a response without any prior learning, and the Unconditioned Response. 
Think about any sexual trigger coming from partner A that ignites partner B. This feeling of natural arousal that B has, is technically defined as an 'unconditioned response': an unlearned natural reaction to a natural stimulus.

Conditioned stimulus: as an example think about an aromatic smell or romantic lightning. 

Conditioned Response: B's behavior that is similar or identical to the unconditioned response (B's natural sexual arousal in our example).

Here is the first Relationship advice: use Classical Conditioning in order to produce excitement in your relationship.

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