Improving Your Odds for Achieving A Healthy Relationship: Pick a Life Coach:


Life is quite difficult for persons who have a desire for a long and lasting relationship.

Frequent 'joining together' are indeed usually exiting, but the amount of breaks ups, in these situations, may be very self destructive and abusive to the one's self worth. 

Nowadays, thousands of people are taking advantage of hiring an expert life coach to improve their lives. A Relationship Advice expert is being sought after for counseling and help, once your 'love resume' shows to many entries. 

So here is my (free) advice: 
First, do not harm yourself with the big 'no no': following an untrained 'life expert' or a 'self taught guru'. Instead of navigating you through the life map that bests fits your needs, they will most likely re-invent the pathway that was found to be successful for them.

Life change is a behavioral issue. Stick therefore with one coach who has acquired a strong familiarity with various behavioral sciences: counseling, psychology, sociology, philosophy, education, anthropology, management and alike. 

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