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In the case of people who bring in their spouse to their workplace as a form of extra help, it can benefit the business while encouraging a sense of resentment over time in the spouse tasked with taking direction from the other. In either case, it is always to a good idea to keep clear lines of communication open so that the need for a marriage counselor doesn’t become acute.

Here are some highlights: 
·     If you are already married, a good idea is to never let your work friendships pass their boundaries into a place where only a spouse should be.

·     Sharing your marriage problems at work, be it to your spouse or to your close friends is the worst move you can make. 

·    ·     Avoid spending too much alone time with people of the opposite sex from your office, outside of the office setting. 

·     Good relationship advice dictates that you should leave the office in the office. Constantly spending your family time talking about work is a quick marriage killer.

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