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No one has ever been able to pinpoint exactly how long to wait between children. Couples seeking relationship advice from a marriage counselor often state that this is a matter of disagreement that leads to gaping rifts in the relationship. Honestly, the choice to have a child is yours and yours alone. There are certain factors to take into consideration when deciding to have another child such as health risks, age difference between children, financial stability, and relationship stability. As you already know, caring for a child takes a lot of time, dedication, and money and if you’re not truly prepared, the new addition could result in a burden rather than the blessing they were intended to be. Seeking marriage counseling in person can be hard for some couples, online Relationship Advice Service present a great alternative that can achieve equally positive results.

The article offers three different points of views:
 - From a Doctor’s Standpoint
 - Lifestyle Changes
 - Are You on the Same Page

The entire childbearing portion of the marriage counseling process could be handled via Online Counseling: phone or web-cam. Professional Relationship Advice and Life Coach mentoring and 
empowerment can be useful in guiding existing parents in deciding on expanding their families. 

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